Qantas engaged Anari because we required a flexible 3rd generation Revenue Integrity solution, that would replace and enhance the current 1st generation RI system and capabilities.

Anari proved to be flexible in their approach and open to meeting our diverse requirements. The working relationship with Anari is constructive and professional with a focus on reaching common goals. The system has proven to be flexible and enabled the Qantas Revenue Integrity team to reach for new targets that the 1st generation system would not.

Aeroflot engaged Anari for its RI solution because they wanted a high-speed, cost-effective, hosted solution. The supplier had to be prepared to tailor the solution to meet the market needs. Anari were flexible in their approach and have developed a strong working relationship that is focused on delivering real value. Aeroflot-specific challenges such as Group Waitlists, Blacklist Handling and Out of Control Tickets have all been accommodated using the flexibility of the Anari solution.

The Anari Team used its experience of commercial data sets across the passenger booking lifecycle, along with its Passenger and Customer Profiling techniques to develop a working prototype to identify the maximum possible number of contactable customer records pre-flight. This is being integrated into EK’s IT landscape for use as part of the customer communications strategy.

airBaltic was our first IRIS customer back in 2010. The relationship between our companies has evolved in recent years, and resulted in the introduction of our IRIS Connect modern robotic component.

BMI regional, based in the UK are the latest addition to our client portfolio. Implementation is currently underway and their solution is due to go live in late 2018.

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Rossiya Airlines, is the Aeroflot Group’s mid-market airline, and is planned to become the principal carrier aimed at increasing social mobility on routes between the European and Far East parts of Russia, with flat fares lower than those offered by Aeroflot airline. Controlling RI issues is vital to the lower-fare strategy, so the use of IRIS at Aeroflot Group has been extended to include the Rossiya flight number ranges.

We have been using the Anari data warehouse since 2011 and we have found the solutions to meet all our expectations in terms of PNR data feed storage, retrieval of data/reporting and revenue integrity checks.

The support service provided by Anari is very good with excellent turnaround times. The staff are supportive and display very good understanding of their products.


Anari’s IRIS solution was introduced in late 2014, and our RI is now automatically cleaning the flight inventory of bad bookings, creating space for passengers who want to book in accordance with our booking rules. We no longer have to accept duplicate bookings, fake names, incomplete itineraries, missed connections or TTL violations. IRIS is very effective at highlighting the areas of violation and linking these to agents, who we pursue for ADM cost recovery. With the help of of Anari, bad booking behaviour is almost at zero level, minimizing our GDS costs.

IRIS is a robust, user-friendly and highly customisable Revenue Integrity solution. Anari provides us an enthusiastic support team that is prompt and always more than willing to go the extra mile to assist.

We’ve been working with Anari since they were established in 2006, and have a key dependency on the booking data warehouse they built for us to feed and underpin our global data-driven marketing activities.

The Anari team completely understand our business requirements and the challenges we face. This has helped us forge a collaborate partnership continuously improving the solution, driven by their wealth of support and airline data expertise when and where it really counts.