The Challenge

Emirates (“EK”) has a justifiable reputation for offering excellent customer service, and its Skywards frequent flier programme and pre-flight communication strategy is an integral part of this.

Emirates wanted to be able to extend appropriate communications such as flight updates and offers of Skywards membership to as many passengers as possible. However, uniquely identifying people in the form of a contactable Single Customer View has proved challenging.

The Solution

Anari used their deep understanding of the passenger lifecycle to map touchpoints that generated potentially unique data.

From website/mobile application clicks, through the traditional booking, ticketing and check-in processes, to passenger servicing, there are a vast number of opportunities to collect unique information that can identify the passenger. Name, address, phone numbers, emails, IDs, booking channel, loyalty cards and travel companions can all help to create a Single Customer View. The challenge is knowing how to combine this data to create a strong match with a high degree of certainty that a new booking and its passengers relates to existing Single Customer View records.

Anari developed a flexible identification process, uniquely tuned to airlines, which used a combination of weighting and quality metrics to determine whether a match could be trusted. The results were compelling: Individual customer identification was strengthened; new high-quality Single Customer View records were created; and most importantly the ability to communicate earlier to customers was enhanced.

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