The Challenge

In late 2010, Kenya Airways’ (“KQ”) Revenue Optimisation project team went through the process of selecting a Revenue Integrity solution provider to deal with many of the airline’s booking quality challenges.

As part of the process, Anari carried out an analysis of KQ bookings which found problems with Duplicate bookings, MCT violations, Group Naming and various ticketing issues. The objective of this project was to solve those problems identified and many other booking quality challenges too.

One of the key requirements was to provide flexible working, with both automated and manual processes. Another requirement was to ensure the flexibility to enable KQ staff to modify rules and to add new RI functions.

The Solution

Through a robust RFP process the Anari IRIS solution was selected in early 2012, with a UK-based partner company delivering a hosted platform for the solution. Following a five month implementation, IRIS reached Go Live before KQ’s summer peak season.

Three components from our IRIS suite were implemented to load and utilise daily PNR data from the Amadeus CRS, with results being fed to KQ’s existing robotic tool. Initially, a range of PNR-based RI functions were delivered including: Duplicates, MCTs. Married Logic, Cross Border Sales and Hidden Groups. A second phase added Ticket-based RI functions such as Booked vs. Ticketed Class, Special Prorate Agreement and Fare Rule checks.

During both phases, the RI Rules – the workflow by which actions are determined – were specified together with the customer, and the skills to alter the configuration were passed to the users through both formal education and coaching.

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