Integrated Revenue Integrity Solution


IRIS at a glance

Accurate Forecasts

Ensure a clean inventory for more accurate forecasting.

Improve Revenue

Cancel bad bookings to guarantee more seats.

Rule Enforcement

Effective policing ensures that your rules are met.

Reduce Costs

Stop Agency bad behaviour reducing associated costs.


Full lifecycle RI

IRIS Revenue Integrity, includes more than 40 checks across the booking lifecycle using both PNR and Ticket information. Operating in either real-time or batch, users have the ability to create their own, new functions using User RI.


Ticket RI

Unique to IRIS is Ticket RI. We take checks that would traditionally be done post-flight and bring them into the pre-flight world enabling preventative corrective action before take off.


User RI

IRIS gives users the ability to create airline specific RI or PNR servicing checks. Every data element within PNRs and their associated Tickets can be used to create new detection logic. This can be combined with external data (e.g. lists, control files) to produce very powerful new checks.


Connected RI

Increase the benefits to your Commercial department:

IRIS can use a demand feed from your RM system to automatically tighten controls on high demand flights. When IRIS actions may result in an ADM (e.g. cancellation, re-issues avoidance or ADM Policy violations) then the evidence for ADMs can be passed automatically for Audit. If Accelya’s BIDT Audit service is used, then these ADMs are recovered on your behalf.


Intelligent RI

IRIS Intelligence, our web-based analytical module, enables users to identify the worst offending agents, and to introduce agents-specific policies to deter them from violating. User are also able to quantify the abuse, and directly assess the positive cost/revenue impact of the RI detection, correction and associated ADM deterrence/recovery.